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Constitutional Society
Constructing Elizabeth Isham
Consumers' Association
Consumers' League
Consumers' Union
Contact Publishing Company
Contact Theatre, Manchester
Continental Congress
Convent of Our Lady of Lourdes
Convent of Santa Clara
Convent of the Holy Child
Coordinating Committee on Equal Pay
Copp, Clark
Copthall Comprehensive School
Copyright Licensing Agency
Corinthian Club
Corinthian Dinner Committee
Cork Jail
Cork Opera House
Cornell University
Cornerstone Books
Coronet Theatre
Corporation of London
Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University
Corpus Christi College, Oxford University
Correctors of the Press
Corresponding Society
Corvey Collection
Cosmopolitan Book Corporation
Costume Society
Cotswold Players
Cotton Famine Relief Fund
Couch and Lakin
Council of Action for Peace and Reconstruction
Council of Bengal
Council of Christian Pacifist Groups
Council of Churches
Council of Education
Council of Europe
Council of India
Council of Jews
Council of State
Council of the International Liberal Party
Council of the North