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Commission on the Status of Women
Committee for Spanish Medical Aid
Committee for the Protection of Coloured Women in the Crown Colonies
Committee for the Relief of the Black Poor
Committee for the Relief of the Unemployed
Committee of 100
Committee of Examinations
Committee of Ministers for Reconstruction
Committee of National Liberation
Committee of Patronage
Committee of Privileges
Committee of Public Safety
Committee of Safety
Committee of the Society of Friends for Promoting African Instruction
Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals
Committee on Broadcasting
Committee on Food Habits
Committee on Public Safety
Committee on Recruitment in the Civil Service
Committee on the Employment of Women on Police Duties
Committee on the Execution of the Criminal Laws
Committee on the Juvenile Employment Service
Committee on Women's Questions
Common Cause Publishing Company
Common Council
Commons Preservation Society
Commonwealth Conference
Commonwealth Institute
Commonwealth Literary Fund
Commonwealth Press Union
Commune des Arts
Communist Party
Communist Party of China
Communist Party of Cuba
Communist Party of France
Communist Party of the Czech Republic
Communist Party of the Russian Federation
Community of Nursing Sisters of St John the Divine
Community of Reparation to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament
Community of St Andrew of Scotland
Community of St Denys
Community of St John the Baptist
Community of St Katherine of Egypt
Community of St Laurence
Community of St Mary the Virgin
Community of St Mary The Virgin and St Modwenna
Community of St Peter
Community of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Community of the Epiphany