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Chamber of Deputies
Channel 13
Channel 4
Channing Press
Chantry School
Chapel Royal
Chapelbrook Foundation
Chapin Library
Chapman and Hall
Charcoal Club
Charing Cross and Waterloo Electric Railway
Charing Cross Hospital
Charing Cross Publishing Company
Charing Cross Spirit-Power Circle
Charity Organization Society
Charles Colburn
Charles Dilly
Charles Doran Shakespeare Company
Charles F. Higham Limited
Charles Fox
Charles Kean Company
Charles Knight Publishing
Charles Pearson and Co.
Charles Playhouse
Charles Skeet
Charles Tilt
Charles University
Charles Williams Society
Charlotte M. Yonge Society
Charlotte Mason College
Charta 77
Charta Theatre
Charter 88
Charter School
Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Charterhouse School
Chartist Council of Birmingham
Chartist Land Co-operative Company
Chatham College
Chatto and Windus
Chawton House Library
Chawton House Library
Chekhov Theatre Studio