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Cardinal Vaughn Memorial School
Carey and Hart
Carey and Lea
Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations
Caribbean Artists Movement
Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action
Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation, Inc.
Carl Hahn
Carl Zeiss
Carleton University
Carlisle Commercial College
Carlisle Indian School
Carlisle Museum and Art Gallery
Carlisle Peace Commission
Carlton Agency
Carlyle Grammar School for Girls
Carmelite Order
Carnahan Press
Carnegie Club
Carnegie Corporation
Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie United Kingdom Trust
Caroline Herschel Association
Carpathian Society
Carr's of Carlisle
Carysfort College
Casa da Moeda
Cassell plc
Caswell and Co.
Cathay Pacific
Catherine Cookson Foundation
Catholic Apostolic Church
Catholic Association
Catholic Board
Catholic Crusade
Catholic Institute
Catholic Social Guild
Catholic Truth Society
Catholic Truth Society of Ireland
Catholic University of America
Catholic Women's Suffrage Society
Cattedown Wharves
Cave of the Golden Calf
Cavendish House
Cavendish Laboratory