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Campaign for Homosexual Equality
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Campaign to Protect Rural England
Campbell and Son
Campbell College
Campden Houses Project
Canadian Authors Association
Canadian Booksellers Association
Canadian Corps
Canadian Government
Canadian Government Printing Office
Canadian Grand Trunk Railway
Canadian Manufacturers' Association
Canadian Medical Association
Canadian National Exhibition
Canadian National Opera
Canadian Pacific Railway
Canadian Parliament
Canadian Red Cross
Canadian Senate
Canadian Society of Authors
Canadian War Museum
Canadian Women's Press Club
Candlestick Press
Canford School
Cannes Film Festival
Canning Town Settlement
Canonesses Regular of the Lateran at St Monica's, Louvain
Canongate Classics
Canongate Theatre
Canterbury and Whitstable Railway
Canterbury Association
Canterbury Cathedral
Canterbury Hall
Canterbury Museum
Cape Breton University
Cape Kennedy
Capel Street Theatre
Caradogion Society
Cardiff and South Wales Wireless Society
Cardiff International Poetry Competition
Cardiff Mental Hospital
Cardiff University