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British Institute
British Institute in Florence
British Institute in Prague
British Institute in Rome
British Institute of International and Comparative Law
British Institute of Political Research
British Institution
British Instructional Films
British International Pictures
British Interplanetary Society
British Israelitism
British Ladies' Lying-In Institution
British League for European Freedom
British Legation
British Legion
British Liberal Judaism
British Library
British Library Centre of the Book
British Library of Information
British Library of Political and Economic Science
British Lion
British Medical Association
British Medical Register
British Mountaineering Council
British Movement against War and Fascism
British Museum
British Music Movement
British National Association of Spiritualists
British National Party
British National Socialist Movement
British National Union of Working Women
British Ordnance Survey
British Petroleum Company
British Photo-Litho Reproducers' Association
British Printing Corporation Publications
British Printing Industries Federation
British Psychoanalytic Society
British Rail
British Rail Pension Fund
British Red Cross
British Restaurants
British School at Athens
British Screenwriters' Association
British Security Coordination
British Sexological Society
British Society for Aid to the Sick and Wounded
British South Africa Company
British Statutory Commission on Indian Reforms
British Telecom
British Temperance Association