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Addiscombe College
Addison Wesley Longman
Additional Curates Society
Adelaide Hospital
Adeline Désir Institut
Adelphi Hotel
Adelphi Theatre
Administrative Reform Association
Adult Basic Education Service
Adult Education for the Forces
Advanced Research Projects Agency
Advisory Board for English
Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Health
Advisory Committee on Juvenile Employment
Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service
Advisory Council of the Controller of Paper
Advocates Library
Aeolian Hall
Aer Lingus
Afghan Relief
Africa Centre
African Association
African Institution
African Methodist Episcopal Church
African Music and Drama Association
African National Congress
African Theatres Ltd
Africans' School
After-Dinner Club
Aged Governesses' Asylum
Agricultural Circle
Agricultural Workers Union
Aguilar Library
Aid to China
Ain Shams University
Air Ministry
Air Raid Precaution
Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited
Airmont Publishing Company
Airwork Limited
Akira Press
Albany Theatre
Albemarle Club
Albemarle Library