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British Army
British Army Bureau of Current Affairs
British Army Commandos
British Army Pay Department
British Association at Belfast
British Association for Promoting Co-operative Knowledge
British Association for the Advancement of Science
British Astronomical Association
British Board of Film Censors
British Book Awards
British Branch for the Abolition of the State Regulation of Vice
British Brothers' League
British Bureau of Information
British Catholic Association
British Centre for Literary Translation
British Chamber of Commerce
British Chihuahua Club
British Children's Book Circle
British Club
British Club for Belgian Soldiers
British College of Nurses
British Columbia Medical Association
British Committee for Indian Women's Franchise
British Commonwealth
British Commonwealth League
British Consulate, Paris
British Copyright Council
British Council
British Council of Churches
British Dental Association
British Drama League
British East Africa Company
British Ecological Society
British Embassy Church in Paris
British Embassy, Baghdad
British Empire Shakespeare Society
British Expeditionary Force
British Federation of Master Printers
British Federation of the Business and Professional Women
British Federation of University Women
British Federation of Women Graduates
British Female Emigrant Society
British Film Academy
British Film Institute
British Fire Insurance Company
British Foreign Office
British Gynaecological Society
British Heritage Lottery Fund
British Independent Order of the Good Templars
British India Steam Navigation Company