Tower of London


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Occupation Elizabeth Cellier
EC 's midwifery practice was in the parish of St Clement DanesSt Clement Danes on the Strand. She moved outside it when she began visiting imprisoned Catholics in the Tower of LondonTower of London.
King, Helen. “The Politick Midwife: Models of Midwifery in the Work of Elizabeth Cellier”. The Art of Midwifery: Early Modern Midwives in Europe, edited by Hilary Marland, Routledge, 1993, pp. 115 - 30.
There she...
politics Lady Eleanor Douglas
LED was confined: first in Bedlam (in a special room built for her comfort), then from April 1638 in the Tower of London .
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Violence Anne Askew
She was interrogated by Bonner and tortured by the Lord Chancellor, Thomas Wriothesley, later Earl of Southampton , and Richard Rich with their owne handes.
Askew, Anne. The Examinations of Anne Askew. Beilin, Elaine V.Editor , Oxford University Press, 1996.
She was badgered for information about several ladies suspected...


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