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This son became a lawyer but then, in 1748, underwent a religious conversion when (having come to scoff) he heard John Wesley preach and was deeply touched. In the 1750s he abandoned the law for...
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The Robertses were succeeding a clergyman who also had liberal views. He had caused some offence by holding the funeral of Emily Davison , the suffragist who was killed on the Derby racecourse.
Miles, Susan. Portrait of a Parson. George Allen and Unwin, 1955.
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Religion can hardly be separated here from social issues, particularly those of class and female sexuality. Flora, leaving her sanctuary in the Delmer home, says indignantly that they took her in because they cared about...


31 January 1747
The LondonLock Hospital for sexually transmitted diseases opened.
November 1755
Carolina Williams gave money for the LondonLock Hospital (for sexually transmitted diseases) to set up a special ward for married women.
5 July 1757
The LondonLock Asylum (a home for reformed prostitutes recently cured of venereal disease) admitted its first inmates.
28 March 1762
Preaching at the opening of a chapel at the LondonLock Hospital (for sexually transmitted disease) the Rev. Martin Madan pointed the finger at men who knowingly infect children.
November 1764
Governors of the LondonLock Hospital for sexually transmitted disease agreed to fund the prosecution of the rapist of a five-year-old girl admitted to the hospital in June.
By November 1780
Martin Madan published Thelyphthora: Or, a Treatise on Female Ruin, on the topic of prostitution.