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Publishing Jan Struther
At the turn of the year 1948-9, JS 's new agent Curtis Brown (succeeding to A. P. Watt ) returned a poem that had been rejected by eight magazines. Others were rejected by even more...
Publishing Margery Allingham
She withdrew this novel after her agent, A. P. Watt , was unable to place it in six months.
Publishing Margery Allingham
Early in her work on this novel, MA left her English agent, A. P. Watt and moved to Curtis Brown .
Martin, Richard. Ink in Her Blood: The Life and Crime Fiction of Margery Allingham. UMI Research Press.
She thought of this work as organically related to her two previous ones...
Publishing Enid Blyton
EB finished writing her first and only book for adults, a novel she called The Caravan Goes On; it was rejected by her agent, A. P. Watt , and the manuscript does not survive.
Stoney, Barbara. Enid Blyton. Hodder and Stoughton.
Publishing Ada Cambridge
Following the publication of Unspoken Thoughts, AC 's publication turned increasingly towards novelistic fiction, largely for financial reasons. Between 1895 and 1914 she was prolific, publishing ten novels with five publishers in England...
Publishing Ethel M. Dell
Her first acceptances came from romantic magazines. On the matter of business terms, however, she was hard-headed. She declined to publish with F. V. White and Co. because I did not consider their terms sufficiently...
Publishing Philip Larkin
PL 's second novel, A Girl in Winter, appeared, having been placed by his agent, A. P. Watt , with Faber and Faber . It sold 5,000 copies in the year of its publication...
Publishing Jan Morris
In the early 1990s Derek Johns became JM 's agent at A. P. Watt . He continued in that role until 2013, and published a monograph on Morris in 2016.
Johns, Derek. Ariel. A Literary Life of Jan Morris. Faber and Faber.
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop. http://Bookshop.Blackwell.co.uk.
Publishing Vita Sackville-West
She had been working on it, and reading it aloud to her husband, by the end of 1917. George Moore , too, read it before publication and suggested the incorporation of a real-life incident which...
Publishing May Sinclair
She may have been working on this book as early as 1894. With one novel out, she then acquired an agent, A. P. Watt , the first in Britain. This was regarded as an honour...
Reception Ethel M. Dell
Dona Celestis, a novel somewhat out of EMD 's common track, sold very disappointingly. After this it seems that she was advised by her agents, A. P. Watt , to return to setting her...
Textual Production Margery Allingham
She wrote this while still a student. Its germ lay in sessions of tumbler-turning at the family's Essex holiday home in summer 1921. In this form of spiritualism the assembled company rest one finger each...
Textual Production Beatrice Harraden
BH is said to have devoted only an hour and a half each day to her writing, allowing it to encroach no further than this on her life.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. http://www.oxforddnb.com/.
In 1930 she was awarded an annual...


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