American Equal Rights Association


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politics Julia Ward Howe
At a national convention, the American Woman Suffrage Association was formed when the American Equal Rights Association split over its support for the proposed fifteenth amendment to the US constitution (which gave the vote to...
Textual Production Sojourner Truth
ST gave an address in New York at the first meeting of the American Equal Rights Association (an organization dedicated to securing suffrage rights irrespective of race or gender).
Mullane, Deirdre, editor. Crossing the Danger Water: Three hundred years of African-American writing. Anchor.


After February 1869: Two years after its launch, the American...

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After February 1869

Two years after its launch, the American Equal Rights Association voted to support the US Congress 's proposed fifteenth amendment (which enabled male suffrage for Black people without waiting for white women to attain the vote).

Between 1881 and 1886: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony,...

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Between 1881 and 1886

Elizabeth Cady Stanton , Susan B. Anthony , and Matilda Joslyn Gage published the first three volumes of their History of Woman Suffrage. They dedicated the first volume to the memory of Mary Wollstonecraft .


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