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Publishing Elizabeth Elstob
The first of these works, dedicated to Caroline, Princess of Wales , is sometimes called the first grammar of Anglo-Saxon; in fact Elstob was preceded by her friend and patron George Hickes , who published...
Publishing Ann Fisher
The printer and publisher of the Newcastle edition (not the one attributing it to D. Fisher) was Isaac Thompson , for whose firm Thomas Slack (Fisher's future husband) was then working.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
AF concealed not...
Publishing Jane Owen
The full title of this tiny-sized book is Antidote against Purgatory, Or Discourse, wherein is shewed that Good-Workes, and Almes-deeds, performed in the Name of Christ, are a chiefe meanes for the preventing, or mitigating...
Textual Production Mary Basset
William Rastell included in his edition of The Workes of Sir Thomas More, Knyght . . . wrytten by him in the Englysh tonge the translation by MB of the Latin section of More's Treatise...


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