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Characters Eva Mary Bell
Her heroine, Esmé Delamain, beautiful, aristocratic, and rich, has married a much older husband, Dick Norman, an able and highly respected officer in the Indian Army .
One of EMB 's sisters was named Esmé...
Family and Intimate relationships Harriet Tytler
HT was devoted to her father, John Lucas Earle . He was an army captain, later lieutenant-colonel in the Third Bengal Native Infantry , in the service of the East India Company .
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Family and Intimate relationships Eva Mary Bell
Eva Mary Hamilton was married at Cheltenham to Captain George Henry Bell of the Indian Army , whose military service had already led him to Egypt (1888-9; he was there again in 1914) and Waziristan (1901-2).
Lundy, Darryl. The Peerage.
Commonwealth War Graves Commission.,%20GEORGE%20HENRY.
Family and Intimate relationships Muriel Box
When Muriel was about six her brother, Vivian, was badly injured in a freak accident when a pan of boiling oil upended over him. It was expected that he would lose his sight, but it...
Family and Intimate relationships Blanche Warre Cornish
BWC 's eldest son died young while serving with the Indian Army .
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(30 August 1916): 9
Family and Intimate relationships Laurence Hope
Adela Cory (who later published as LH ) married Malcolm Hassels Nicolson , a colonel in the British Armed Forces (either the Bengal Army or the Bombay Army) in India.
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Friends, Associates Flora Annie Steel
One of these warmly admired men was Malcolm Nicolson of the Indian Army , who later married Adela Florence Cory . FAS 's biographer suggests that she was not fond of this woman (known after...
Author summary Eva Mary Bell
EMB 's fourteen books, published between 1910 and 1931, are mostly novels, and most of them appeared under the pseudonym of John Travers. She is remembered, if at all, for those set in British...
Residence Laurence Hope
Malcolm Hassels Nicolson became Commanding Officer of the Western Command of the Indian Army , and he and his wife (who was soon to be publishing as the poet LH ) moved to Mhow in Indore.
Marx, Edward. The Idea of a Colony. University of Toronto Press.
Residence Emma Roberts
Following her mother's death, ER set out for India with her sister and her brother-in-law, Captain Robert Adair McNaghten , an officer in the 61st Bengal Infantry .
Spellings of her brother-in-law's name vary: ER
Textual Features Eva Mary Bell
At a moment when Brownie Abrahams is furious with her husband for losing her dressing case, Mary, left literally holding the baby, meets and exchanges wry comments with Gordon Lund, formerly of the Indian Army
Textual Features Flora Annie Steel
This novel features the usual complex plot of personal relations among people of different racial backgrounds. It evokes a past when both the religious and the racial mix in India was very different, in comparing...
Textual Production Eva Mary Bell
EMB published another John Travers novel, In the Long Run. Like Sahib-log, this features the Indian experience of a young woman recently married to an older officer in the Indian Army .
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July 1860: The Indian Army was amalgamated with the...

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July 1860

The Indian Army was amalgamated with the British Army .


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