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Reception Radclyffe Hall
This was first sung during World War I, and its enormous popularity meant that it was still well-known during World War II. Paul Robeson , too, sang a version of it and it acquired an...
Textual Features Joanna Trollope
In this version Marianne is headed for art school while Elinor is a student of the more practical subject of architecture.
Joanna Trollope. The official website of Joanna Trollope OBE.
The characters not only use modern and in the case of the Steeles...


December 2005: YouTube was officially launched (though it...

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December 2005

YouTube was officially launched (though it is often reckoned to have begun on 14 February 2005, when it registered its internet domain name) as a service for uploading and viewing videos. The company was bought...


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