Sharada Sadan


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Education Pandita Ramabai
Ramabai also studied the American kindergarten system, enrolling herself in a Philadelphia training school. She later offered primary education at the Sharada Sadan , the organization she founded after her return to India.
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Occupation Pandita Ramabai
PR opened her home with the design of providing security and an education for young, high-caste widows, the Sharada Sadan (or Home for Learning) in Chowpatty, an area of Bombay(now Mumbai).
Blumhofer, Edith L. “From India’s Coral Strand: Pandita Ramabai and U. S. Support for Foreign Missions”. The Foreign Mission Enterprise at Home, edited by Daniel H. Bays and Grant Wacker, University of Alamaba Press, 2003, pp. 152-70.
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Occupation Pandita Ramabai
She used lands in nearby Kedgaon which at some time before the plague she had purchased on behalf of Sharada Sadan (her home for widows). The plague now drove the community temporarily out of Poona...
Travel Pandita Ramabai
Between January and August 1898 PR returned to the USA to report on her progress to the Ramabai Association . She had intended the Sharada Sadan to be self-supporting by this time, but had not...


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