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Dedications Maude Royden
She dedicated this work to the members of her Guildhouse congregation.
Royden, Maude. Political Christianity. G. P. Putnam’s Sons.
politics Maude Royden
Brought up in a Conservative family, MR began in her late twenties and early thirties to develop the Socialist views she espoused throughout her adulthood. She said, however, I never joined any party ....
Author summary Maude Royden
Maude Royden , famous as an early twentieth-century campaigner for women's status in the ministry of the Church of England , was also a preacher, suffragist, feminist, and anti-war activist. She published at least fifty...
Textual Production Maude Royden
As well as the Middle East, MR 's political writings take in Europe and India: historical pamphlet on The Challenge of Germany, 1933, a book on Britain and India, 1934, and India To-day...


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