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Publishing Anne Stevenson
In 1977 the Keepsake Press of Richmond, Surrey, published 180 copies of AS 's Cliff Walk, A Poem, with a drawing by Anne Newnham Stevenson , signed by both author and artist.
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Textual Features Anne Stevenson
In her Winter Time, published with Mid Northumberland Arts Group (MidNag or MidNAG), in 1986, another of her place poems, Jarrow, links today's loitering youths back to the days of Bede and the...


1983: Anna Adams published two volumes of poetry...

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Anna Adams published two volumes of poetry this year: Brother Fox and Other Relatives, with the Mid Northumberland Arts Group (an exploration of humanity through animal analogies), and An Island Chapter in the Cragg...


Stevenson, Anne. Winter Time. Mid Northumberland Arts Group, 1986.