Thornton Butterworth


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Publishing Naomi Jacob
It was, she said, an adaptation from a play by H. V. Esmond entitled Birds of a Feather, whose chief role was an old Jew, grand, petty, noble, and inglorious, generous and impossibly mean—but...
Publishing Naomi Jacob
The title is a phrase used to describe the evangelist St Luke . This seems to have been the last novel that NJ published through Thornton Butterworth before switching to Hutchinson .
Publishing Naomi Jacob
This novel was published by Hutchinson , to whom NJ moved from Butterworth as a result of the lucrative, long-standing contract negotiated with Hutchinson by her agent, Raymond Savage .
Bailey, Paul. Three Queer Lives: An Alternative Biography of Fred Barnes, Naomi Jacob and Arthur Marshall. Hamish Hamilton (Penguin), 2001.
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