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Publishing Louisa Anne Meredith
This book began a fruitful partnership with London publisher Charles Tilt . It comprises about forty poems and songs and six copperplate etchings, her first attempts.
Meredith, Louisa Anne. Poems. Charles Tilt.
It is dedicated, both in a poem...
Publishing Louisa Anne Meredith
Louisa Anne Twamley (later LAM ) followed her Poems with several more books of verse on botanical themes. First came The Romance of Nature; or, The Flower Seasons, 1836, which again combines verse (about...
Publishing Louisa Anne Meredith
Tilt and Bogue produced a new edition in 1843.
Meredith, Louisa Anne. Our Wild Flowers. Tilt and Bogue.
The title page sports an epigraph by Mary Howitt , and the volume is illustrated with coloured plates from the author's original drawings.
Textual Production Louisa Anne Meredith
It seems likely that LAM continued to be used by Tilt after she had left for Australia and was no longer in a position to oversee publication in her name. Charles Tilt issued an undated...
Textual Production Louisa Anne Meredith
Another picture book by LAM , An Autumn Ramble by the Wye, which combines her stories, poems, and descriptive passages with twenty engravings of drawings by various well-known artists, presents something of a bibliographic...


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