Irish Literary Theatre


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Occupation Florence Farr
W. B. Yeats invited FF to act as stage manager for the Irish Literary Theatre in Dublin for its production of The Countess Cathleen the following year.
Johnson, Josephine. Florence Farr: Bernard Shaw’s new woman. Colin Smythe.
Occupation Augusta Gregory
With the financial support of Annie Horniman , AG and the Irish Literary Theatre secured a permanent home: the Abbey Theatre in Dublin.
Murphy, James H. “Broken Glass and Batoned Crowds: <span data-tei-ns-tag="tei_title" data-tei-title-lvl=‘m’>Cathleen Ni Houlihan</span> and the Tensions of Transition”. Ireland in Transition, 1867-1921, edited by D. George Boyce and Alan O’Day, Routledge, pp. 113-27.
Occupation Augusta Gregory
A plan for a theatre began to emerge, with the stated mission of show[ing] that Ireland is not the home of buffonery and of easy sentiment, as it has been represented, but the home of...
Occupation Augusta Gregory
Although most of the plays produced by the Irish Literary Theatre were performed in English, the founders tried hard to get friends in the Gaelic League to put on plays in the Irish language.
Gregory, Augusta. Our Irish Theatre. G. P. Putnam’s Sons.
Performance of text W. B. Yeats
The inaugural night of the Irish Literary Theatre (founded by Lady Gregory and WBY ) at the Antient Concert Rooms , Dublin, presented Yeats's The Countess Cathleen and Edward Martyn 's Heather Field.
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politics Augusta Gregory
AG 's politics remain the subject of critical debate. The difficulty arises over the fact that, as Colm Tóibín puts it, she managed to inhabit two ideologies—that of the landlord and that of the nationalist—at...


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