St Mary's Hospital


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Education Isabella Bird
About a year after her husband 's death, IB enrolled in a three-month nursing course at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London.
Kaye, Evelyn. Amazing Traveler, Isabella Bird: The Biography of a Victorian Adventurer. Blue Penguin Publications.
Checkland, Olive. Isabella Bird and ’A Woman’s Right to Do What She Can Do Well’. Scottish Cultural Press.
Occupation Nancy Mitford
NM did a range of volunteer work during the Second World War. She volunteered briefly at St Mary's Hospital , Paddington, ran a canteen for French soldiers, and assisted with Jewish evacuees from the...
Textual Production Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
Their letter, which was published on 30 March, was a response to previous correspondence from Sir James Purves-Stewart , Senior Physician at Westminster Hospital . He had written that new women medical students should not...


1831: A severe epidemic of puerperal fever struck...

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A severe epidemic of puerperal fever struck in Manchester.

1874: St Mary's Hospital, London, chemically produced...

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St Mary's Hospital , London, chemically produced the drug heroin from morphine; it was later patented in the 1890s by the pharmaceutical company Bayer .

September 1928: Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin while...

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September 1928

Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin while working at St Mary's Hospital in London.


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