Westminster Hospital


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Employer Margaret Harkness
MH moved to London to train as a nurse at Westminster Hospital .
Bellamy, Joyce M., and John Saville, editors. Dictionary of Labour Biography. Macmillan.
viii: 104
Employer Jackie Kay
During her school holidays JK worked in London, cleaning houses for an agency called Problem . As an undergraduate she worked for three summers as a porter (the only woman in the job) at...
Employer Kate Marsden
When KM returned to England, she began her career as a nurse at the Westminster Hospital in London, then as Sister-in-Charge of Liverpool's Woolton Convalescent Home .
Middleton, Dorothy. Victorian Lady Travellers. Routledge and Kegan Paul.
Health Christopher St John
Her mother, summoned by telegram to her youngest daughter's bedside in the Westminster Hospital in London, reported that after the initial accident Christabel was given gas when her condition was too critical to bear...
Textual Production Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
Their letter, which was published on 30 March, was a response to previous correspondence from Sir James Purves-Stewart , Senior Physician at Westminster Hospital . He had written that new women medical students should not...


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