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Performance of text Winsome Pinnock
The National Theatre (Cottesloe) put on an arresting play for young people by WP entitled Can You Keep a Secret?, part of the New Connections season of plays for the young.
Launched a couple...
Reception Ann Jellicoe
More humorous and more accessible than Sport, The Knack achieved both commercial and critical success.
Jellicoe, Ann. “Ann Jellicoe Talks to Sue Todd”. The Knack and The Sport of My Mad Mother, Faber and Faber, pp. 9-23.
National Theatre audiences voted it one of the one hundred Plays of the Century in a millennium poll in 1999.
NT2000: 100 Plays of the Century. National Theatre.
Textual Features Kamila Shamsie
The novel is dedicated to Gillian Slovo , whom KS chose to read an early draft of it because of her work on Another World: Losing Our Children to Islamic State for the National Theatre


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