Ministry of Defence


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Occupation Philip Larkin
PL became urban district librarian for the town of Wellington in Shropshire, having graduated BA, failed the entrance exam for the Civil Service , and been ordered by the Ministry of Defence to take...


16 August 1972: Five years after May Hobbs began a strike...

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16 August 1972

Five years after May Hobbs began a strike of night cleaners at the Ministry of Defence (supported by the civil servant trade union and others, and by feminist sympathisers), management agreed to the women's demands...

2 April-14 June 1982: Argentina invaded the British-owned Falkland...

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2 April-14 June 1982

Argentina invaded the British-owned Falkland Islands; the Falklands War with the UK ensued.

3 December 1998: Ministry of Defence police arrested Tony...

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3 December 1998

Ministry of Defence police arrested Tony Geraghty under the 1989 Official Secrets Act, as author of The Irish War, published that October, a book which covers three hundred years of history.


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