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21 June 1975
Stephen Wozniak , in the course of designing what became the Apple 1 for what became the company Apple Computers , first typed a character on a keyboard and saw it appear on a screen.
April 1976
The home computer Apple 1 made its debut at the Homebrew Computer Club in Palo Alto, California. Designed by Steve Wozniak , it was mounted on a wooden stand, its component parts not covered but visible.
16 April 1977
Only a year after the release of Apple I, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs of Apple Computers launched the Apple II, one of the first successful and popular personal computers.
Aley, Jim. “Apple founder dead at 56. Apple and Jobs: The Early Years”. Edmonton Journal, p. A20.
22 January 1984
A commercial, directed by Ridley Scott and aired during the broadcasting of the Super Bowl (US football championships), announced Apple Computers ' release of the Macintosh computer.
January 2007
The iPhone, launched by Apple at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas combined a mobile phone with touch-screen, web browser, camera, and MP3 player.