Law Amendment Society


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Intertextuality and Influence Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon
Matthew Davenport Hill (a lawyer, member of parliament, and friend of BLSB , who had also advised in her composition of the pamphlet), brought it to the attention of the Law Amendment Society and they...
Reception Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon
BLSB 's pamphlet aroused controversy over women's legal status and helped to initiate the campaign for its reform.
Herstein, Sheila R. A Mid-Victorian Feminist: Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon. Yale University Press, 1985.
71, 76
It was instrumental in gaining the support of the Personal Laws Committee of the Law Amendment Society
Textual Production Caroline Frances Cornwallis
She wrote this article at the height of the parliamentary debates on the legal rights of married women. Despite being very ill, CFC was determined to participate in this discourse and give aid to a...


The Law Amendment Society recommended amalgamating the separate courts of law and equity into one body.
February 1856
Matthew Davenport Hill distributed Barbara Leigh Smith 's A Brief Summary in Plain Language of the Most Important Laws Concerning Women to the Personal Laws Committee of the Law Amendment Society .
23 February 1856
Member of Parliament Sir Stafford Henry Northcote announced that he supported reform of the laws pertaining to women, based on a concern for working-class women.
The Law Amendment Society released its Report of the Personal Laws Committee on the Laws Relating to the Property of Married Women.
31 May 1856
The Law Amendment Society conducted an open meeting on the legal status of women.