Matthew Davenport Hill

Standard Name: Hill, Matthew Davenport


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Friends, Associates Frances Power Cobbe
FPC 's time at Red Lodge House brought her into contact with other reformers, feminists, and abolitionists from Britain and the USA, including Sarah Parker Remond , and Samuel May . After the execution of...
Occupation Mary Carpenter
This time MC participated in the discussion, reading some papers along with reformist lawyer M. D. Hill after publishing several letters in local newspapers before the conference. The argument was that all children, even those...
Reception Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon
Matthew Davenport Hill (a lawyer, member of parliament, and friend of BLSB , who had also advised in her composition of the pamphlet), brought it to the attention of the Law Amendment Society and they...
Textual Features Caroline Frances Cornwallis
On the Principles of Criminal Law was topical: next year, 1847, Matthew Davenport Hill published Draft Report on the Principles of Punishment: presented to the Committee on Criminal Law appointed by the Law Amendment Society...


February 1856: Matthew Davenport Hill distributed Barbara...

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February 1856

Matthew Davenport Hill distributed Barbara Leigh Smith 's A Brief Summary in Plain Language of the Most Important Laws Concerning Women to the Personal Laws Committee of the Law Amendment Society .


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