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Reception Jane Lead
Interest in JL has been growing in recent times. Apart from two doctoral dissertations (Joanne Magnani Sperle 's God's Healing Angel: A Biography of Jane Lead, Kent State University , 1985, and Julie Hirst


April 1965: Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) demonstrators...

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April 1965

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) demonstrators numbering about 150,000 protested against America's war in Vietnam.

4 May 1970: Members of the Ohio National Guard opened...

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4 May 1970

Members of the OhioNational Guard opened fire on students of Kent State University demonstrating peacefully against the Vietnam War (specifically, against Nixon 's sending ground troops to Cambodia). Four students (two of each sex) were killed.


Sperle, Joanne Magnani. God’s Healing Angel: A Biography of Jane Lead. Kent State University, 1985.