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Literary responses Aphra Behn
When the work was reprinted by Hesperus in 2004, with no editor's name, Melvyn New found it inexcusable that Behn's text was billed as based on Bonnecorse's clever idea slightly executed. Behn, he declared roundly...
Publishing Ivy Compton-Burnett
She wrote it in secret and in autumn 1924 took her manuscript to the vanity publisher Heath Cranton . She paid to print it. Her publisher deducted twenty percent, and she earned the balance of...
Textual Production Germaine Greer
GG has published a good deal in her scholarly field of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century women's writing. Her anthology (with Susan Hastings , Jeslyn Medoff and Melinda Sansone ), Kissing the Rod, has played an...
Textual Production Doris Lessing
DL also wrote such brief works of literary comment as a foreword for The Fox by D. H. Lawrence , published by Hesperus in 2002, and an article for the Guardian in June 2003 on...


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