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Leisure and Society Deborah Norris Logan
DNL became the first woman member of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania .
Publishing Elizabeth Graeme Ferguson
Selections of her correspondence with Simon Gratz (which ran from 1737 to 1794, and survives at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania ) were printed in the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography in July and...
Textual Production Hannah Griffitts
HG 's poetry manuscripts—in rough and fair copies, but most of them in very difficult handwriting—are held by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania . Others are reproduced in Blecki and Wulf's edition of Milcah Martha...
Textual Production Deborah Norris Logan
DNL began writing a diary, which she kept for the remaining twenty-four years of her life; its seventeen volumes survive (with her other papers) at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania .
Premo, Terri L. “’Like A Being Who Does Not Belong’: The Old Age of Deborah Norris Logan”. Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 85-112.
James, Edward T. et al., editors. Notable American Women, 1607-1950. Harvard University Press.
Textual Production Susanna Wright
The Historical Society of Pennsylvania holds SW 's poems and most of her letters. Other letters are at the Library Company of Philadelphia , at Haverford College , and at Chester County (PA) Historical Society
Textual Production Charlotte Yonge
CY found it easy to compose at speed: the story goes that she would work on three new pieces simultaneously: a page of one, a page of the second, a page of the third, in...


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