Black and Tans


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Cultural formation Hilary Mantel
Her parents—Margaret Foster and Henry Thompson —were of IrishCatholic extraction, descendants of immigrants who had come to work for the textile mills. They were working class of little education, with distant, painful memories...
Family and Intimate relationships Elma Napier
EN was sent away from home each time her mother became pregnant, though her brothers were allowed to stay at home: this was said to be to protect her reputation. EN later wrote, A...
Material Conditions of Writing Edith Somerville
ES produced this book under very difficult conditions: unrestrained conflict between Irish Republican forces and the dreaded Black and Tans . All the bridges had been broken around Skibbereen (the nearest town to her house,...
politics Evelyn Sharp
In 1921 she was consumed with distress at the barbaric stupidities and cruelties I saw perpetrated
Sharp, Evelyn. Unfinished Adventure. John Lane, Bodley Head.
by the Black and Tans and the Auxiliary Division , and concluded that the British terror had failed...
politics Edith Somerville
Returning from London to Ireland, ES was horrified to witness the random violence being inflicted in Cork by the Black and Tans (a hated arm of the British army).
Collis, Maurice. Somerville and Ross: A Biography. Faber and Faber.
politics Augusta Gregory
AG supported the Irish cause more overtly later in life, though her ambivalence toward constitutional politics did not disappear entirely. During the time of The Terror (1920-21), AG published some politically charged accounts of atrocities...
Publishing Augusta Gregory
AG , signing herself An Irish Landlord, published in the English periodical The Nation accounts of Black and Tan activities in Gort.
Lucy McDiarmid and Maureen Waters do not list the article of...
Textual Features Elizabeth Bowen
This is set in an imaginary great house, Danielstown, during the IrishTroubles of the early twenties. The house is strongly felt as a presence, where arriving visitors feel challenged or overawed, though the life...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Katharine Tynan
She barely mentions her husband or her extreme feelings of loss she felt at his death. She spends more time discussing her children in this volume than in any before: she writes of her sons...
Travel Evelyn Sharp
ES , who had visited Donegal in 1903, had loved it and learned a great deal about folk-dancing and songs, took her first postwar holiday in Ireland in July 1919.
Sharp, Evelyn. Unfinished Adventure. John Lane, Bodley Head.
201, 205-6
On 5 January...
Violence Catherine Byron
Political violence in Ireland resulted in death for some of Catherine's family members over a span of several generations: her second cousin was executed
Byron, Catherine. Out of Step. Loxwood Stoneleigh.
in east Galway by the Black and Tans in 1921...


September 1920: The Irish Citizen, launched in May 1912,...

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September 1920

The Irish Citizen, launched in May 1912, published its final issue.

16 August 1921: The newly elected (second) Dail Eireann or...

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16 August 1921

The newly elected (second) Dail Eireann or Irish lower house convened for the first time.


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