Edith Somerville

Standard Name: Somerville, Edith
Birth Name: Edith Anne Œnone Somerville
Pseudonym: Geilles Herring
Pseudonym: Viva Graham
Pseudonym: E. Œ. Somerville
Pseudonym: Somerville and Ross
ES , who published from 1885, is known from the Somerville and Ross partnership which produced at least one important novel and a collection of classic comic stories (set in the west of Ireland and centred on fox-hunting), as well as other endearing Irish sketches and travel writings. She continued to write in these genres, mostly story and memoir, after Ross's death (which she saw as interrupting but not ending their collaboration). The later works (the last appeared in 1949) are suffused with nostalgia, and very largely dominated by the need to make money, to keep going an estate which was no longer financially viable. The massive archive of ES 's diary and letters is still almost unexamined.
Black-and-white photo portrait of Edith Somerville, 1916. Shown in profile, she is seated, wears a brimmed hat and            suit.
"Edith Somerville" by Hulton Archive/Stringer, 1916-01-01. Retrieved from https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/irish-novelist-edith-somerville-with-her-cousin-violet-news-photo/3062689. This image is licensed under the GETTY IMAGES CONTENT LICENCE AGREEMENT.


Connections Sort descending Author name Excerpt
Cultural formation Martin Ross
Violet belonged to the wealthy Anglo-Irish Protestant ascendancy.
Cronin, John. Somerville and Ross. Bucknell University Press, 1972.
Her family, of Norman origin, had been one of the largest landowners in the west of Ireland during the eighteenth century, and still held about six...
Family and Intimate relationships Ethel Smyth
ES met Edith Somerville , with whom she conducted an emotionally-charged correspondence for several years.
Collis, Louise. Impetuous Heart: The Story of Ethel Smyth. William Kimber, 1984.
152, 156-8, 161
Family and Intimate relationships Martin Ross
Violet Martin (later MR ) met her second cousin Edith Somerville for the first time, while staying in the village of Castletownshend, in Cork.
Collis, Maurice. Somerville and Ross: A Biography. Faber and Faber, 1968.
39, 25-8
Cronin, John. Somerville and Ross. Bucknell University Press, 1972.
Friends, Associates Augusta Gregory
One of AG 's friends at this time was Katherine Martin of Ross, whose elder sister, Violet Martin (known as Martin Ross) , later became part of a famous writing duo with her cousin Edith Somerville
Friends, Associates Katherine Cecil Thurston
Through these social engagements, KCT came into contact with several significant figures of the day. At a dinner given by Colonel George Harvey , for instance, she probably met Mr and Mrs Winston Churchill ...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Bowen
The authors whom EB wrote of for the British Council in English Novelists are (as the commission required) canonical and mostly male. She was deeply influenced by Virginia Woolf , and wrote after Woolf's death...
Intertextuality and Influence Molly Keane
The stories, told through the eyes of an Englishman dazzled by Ireland, concern a family in a big-house: an aristocratic father, domineering and hiding his love; a brother and sister whose lives are wrapped...
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Russell Mitford
Our Village is often said to have inaugurated its genre of small-scale, local-colour sketch writing, but (apart from Washington Irving 's Geoffrey Crayon's Sketch Book, 1819) it owes an obvious debt to the work...
Intertextuality and Influence Kate O'Brien
Lorna Reynolds notes a parallel between the KOB of this novel, on the one hand, and Somerville and Ross , on the other. Like her very different predecessors in the west-of-Ireland novel, O'Brien describes landscape...
Intertextuality and Influence Martin Ross
Before ever meeting her cousin Edith Somerville , Violet Ross had written articles (perhaps in emulation of her eldest brother ) and probably poetry, but none of this survives.
Collis, Maurice. Somerville and Ross: A Biography. Faber and Faber, 1968.
Material Conditions of Writing Martin Ross
MR and Edith Somerville , staying at Etaples in France, began work on the stories which became Some Experiences of an Irish R. M.
Collis, Maurice. Somerville and Ross: A Biography. Faber and Faber, 1968.
names Martin Ross
Somerville and Ross was a joint pseudonym often used to refer to the writings of MR and her second cousin Edith Somerville .
Occupation Constance Smedley
Since the Langham Place Group had provided a social space for women in 1860, several organizations had already challenged the flourishing institution of men's clubs. The Lyceum Club came on the scene at a time...
Author summary Martin Ross
It is widely suspected that MR may have been the dominant partner, the chief creative spirit, in the partnership of Somerville and Ross which occupied the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (though the opposite...
Publishing Martin Ross
In MR 's first collaboration with her cousin Edith Somerville (an article on palmistry published in the Graphic) the writing was by Ross, the illustrations by Somerville.
Collis, Maurice. Somerville and Ross: A Biography. Faber and Faber, 1968.


The Munster Women's Franchise League was founded in Cork by writers Edith Somerville and Violet Martin , who published together as Somerville and Ross.