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Publishing Marie-Catherine de Villedieu
There appeared through Barbin of Paris, in stages, a six-volume historical novel or collection of tales, Le Journal Amoureux, which began as a project of MCV for adapting a work by another writer.
Cuénin, Micheline. Roman et société sous Louis XIV : Madame de Villedieu (Marie-Catherine Desjardins 1640-1683). Atelier Reproduction des Thèses & Librairie Honoré; Champion.
Morrissette, Bruce Archer. The Life and Works of Marie-Catherine Desjardins.
Klein, Nancy Deighton. The Female Protagonist in the <span data-tei-ns-tag="tei_title" data-tei-title-lvl="a">Nouvelles</span> of Madame de Villedieu. Peter Lang.
Textual Production Marie-Madeleine de Lafayette
This book, set in the period which in England was Elizabethan , became notorious before publication through private salon readings. When published in Paris by Barbin , with the author's name withheld, it was immediately...
Textual Production Marie-Catherine de Villedieu
She then turned, not to Barbin, but to Jean Ribou in 1667 to publish a short novel, Anaxandre. Next year she returned to Barbin to publish a pastoral novel, Carmente, described on its...


By the end of April 1699: The first volume of François de Fénelon's...

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By the end of April 1699

The first volume of François de Fénelon 's Télémaque appeared at Paris, and was quickly suppressed.


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