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Anthologization Margiad Evans
Work by both ME and her sister was included in Welsh Short Stories. An Anthology, which appeared in 1937 with no named editor but with the help of Elizabeth Inglis Jones . Margiad was...
Publishing E. A. Dillwyn
EAD took her material from her father , who as a magistrate in 1843 was summoned off the cricket pitch to deal with the Rebecca Rioters. The Honno Welsh Women's Press issued a reprint...
Textual Features Jane Williams
Williams's book was re-issued in 1987 by Honno Welsh Women's Press as The Autobiography of Elizabeth Davis, Betsy Cadwaladyr: A Balaclava Nurse, with a new introduction by Deirdre Beddoe . The reprint omits the original preface.


1986: Honno Welsh Women's Press was set up by a...

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Honno Welsh Women's Press was set up by a group of women seeking wider publishing opportunities for women in Wales.


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