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Occupation Margaret Atwood
MA has spoken at length about the literary life in Toronto in the 1960s and 70s: improvisational, inventive, and far from top-heavy with a sense of [its] own importance.
Atwood, Margaret. The Burgess Shale. University of Alberta Press; CLC.
During 1971-3 she was editor...
Occupation Margaret Atwood
Later, in 1982-3, MA was President of the Writers' Union of Canada . She was President of the Canadian branch of PEN International in 1984-6. She became a Vice-President of Pen International on 11 July...
Textual Production Margaret Atwood
An abortive 1970s fundraising project (apparently for the Writers' Union of Canada ) had a number of writers planning to collaborate on a pornographic fiction, which would be written in hilarity and make a large...


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