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politics Marghanita Laski
ML belonged to the Women's Press Club of London and to PEN .
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
politics Mary Stott
MS became a founding member of the Women in Media group, one of many outcomes of the early Women's Liberation Movement. The same year she was final president of the Women's Press Club .
Ross, Elizabeth Arledge, and Miriam L. Bearse. A Chronology of the Women’s Liberation Movement in Britain. Editors Boyle, Karen E. and The Oral History Project Advisory Group, The Feminist Archive, http://Bodleian.
“Papers of Mary Stott”. Genesis: London Metropolitan University: Women’s Library.


1 April 1943: Phyllis Deakin called a meeting in a London...

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1 April 1943

Phyllis Deakin called a meeting in a London pub, attended by sixty-two women journalists, which agreed to set up the Women's Press Club . (The existing Press Club refused to admit women.)

31 October 1944: The Women's Press Club held its first annual...

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31 October 1944

The Women's Press Club held its first annual general meeting, with Lady Rhondda as president.


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