Women's Royal Navy Service


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Characters Barbara Pym
This book concerns itself with failure, with the petty, parochial life of the Church, and with the relation of female desire and male homosexuality. The heroine, Wilmet Forsyth, serves, like her creator, with the WRNS
Characters Ethel Wilson
Love and Salt Water, using the romance formula of a journey through misfortune and misunderstanding to re-integration within a family and community, recounts Ellen Cuppy's experiences travelling to Europe, serving as a WREN
Education Elizabeth Jane Howard
In autumn 1940 EJH joined a student repertory company at Bideford in Devon, run by Eileen Thorndike (sister of Sybil). The high point for EJH was playing the lead in Clemence Dane 's play...
Employer Pam Gems
Having left school in the earlier years of the Second World War and already worked at various jobs including one in an aircraft factory, Pam Price (later PG) served in the Women's Royal Navy Service
Family and Intimate relationships Pat Barker
PB was a war baby, conceived and born outside wedlock. Only when her mother, Moyra, was dying in 2000 did Barker learn what little there was to know about her conception. This event had ended...
Family and Intimate relationships J. K. Rowling
Joanne Rowling's mother, born Anne Volant , had signed up as a Wren (with the Women's Royal Navy Service ) before she met her future husband. When both her daughters were at secondary school she...
Friends, Associates Ethel Wilson
From 1941 to 1943, the Wilsons received into their home sixteen-year-old Audrey Butler , an evacuee from England. They were generous with both their familial warmth and finances. Audrey shared the Wilsons' love of Shakespeare
Occupation Elizabeth Jane Howard
EJH got her first real job acting at Stratford at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre. She acted in three plays, making insufficient money to eat properly, and could not go on stage for her third...
Occupation Barbara Pym
BP enlisted in the Women's Royal Navy Service (WRNS); in July she began her work at the Nore Training Depot in Rochester, Kent.
Allen, Orphia Jane. Barbara Pym: Writing a Life. Scarecrow Press.
Pym, Barbara. A Very Private Eye. Editors Holt, Hazel and Hilary Pym, Macmillan.
Occupation Barbara Pym
Allied troops being now well established in Italy, BP volunteered to work in Naples, where she continued as a censor with the Women's Royal Navy Service (WRNS ).
Pym, Barbara. A Very Private Eye. Editors Holt, Hazel and Hilary Pym, Macmillan.
Allen, Orphia Jane. Barbara Pym: Writing a Life. Scarecrow Press.
Occupation Berta Ruck
She said she got this assignment by accident: Someone had blundered and confused her with her cousin Barnard Darwin , who was also a novelist. She was relieved to find, when she was somewhere in...


November 1917: Katharine Furse, having resigned as head...

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November 1917

Katharine Furse , having resigned as head of the Voluntary Aid Detachment , established and became first head of the Women's Royal Navy Service (WRNS).

By 1943: 443,000 women staffed the Auxiliary Territorial...

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1947: The WRNS (Women's Royal Navy Service or Wrens)...

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The WRNS (Women's Royal Navy Service or Wrens) was made a permanent force, though it was cut back to its initial size of about 3,000 members.

5 July 2007: Odile Crick, British-born artist who becme...

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5 July 2007

Odile Crick , British-born artist who becme famous for her sketch of the structure of DNA, died at her home in California.


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