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Friends, Associates Elizabeth Bishop
In 1963 EB began a new friendship with the American-British poet Anne Stevenson . Stevenson wrote to Bishop, having undertaken to produce a monograph on her for the Twayne series, and a rich epistolary relationship developed.
Astley, Neil. “Elizabeth Bishop: A Bibliography; Elizabeth Bishop: Chronology”. Elizabeth Bishop: Poet of the Periphery, edited by Linda Anderson and Jo Shapcott, Bloodaxe Books, pp. 175-00.
Literary responses Anita Brookner
Among other evaluations, Olga Kenyon admired AB 's capacity to represent the interiority and social frustrations of gifted undervalued women:
Skinner, John. The Fictions of Anita Brookner: Illusions of Romance. Macmillan.
women with twentieth-century awareness of their problems, which however are problems unchanged since...
Literary responses Penelope Lively
PL has had great success as a children's writer from the time that The Ghost of Thomas Kempe won the Carnegie Medal. A Stitch in Time won the Whitbread Award for writing for children in...
Literary responses Muriel Spark
In about 1984 the Scottish National Portrait Gallery asked MS to sit for her portrait for their collection, by Sandy Moffat . Of the resulting painting MS says: I was just a model for The...
Reception Elizabeth Taylor
Two monographs have been devoted to ET : one in the Twayne series by Florence Leclercq, another by N. H. Reeve , 2008. Leclercq 's analysis left a good deal to be desired. She was...
Textual Production Anne Stevenson
AS published Elizabeth Bishop, a title in the Twayne 's United States Authors series of critical studies with prefatory biography.
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1949: Dilys Laing's Walk Through Two Landscapes...

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Dilys Laing 's Walk Through Two Landscapes was the third volume to appear in The Twayne Library of Modern Poetry.


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