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Education Flannery O'Connor
In summer 1945 Mary Flannery O'Connor graduated from Georgia College (describing it in the yearbook as [t]he usual bunk).
Gooch, Brad. Flannery. Little, Brown and Co.
She applied to two universities, and the University of Iowa offered her a scholarship...
Occupation Eavan Boland
EB attended the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa .
Allen Randolph, Jody. “Making it new”. Women’s Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 8, pp. 24-5.
Reception Iris Murdoch
Her manuscripts are at the University of Iowa , except for some which were sold with her books to the University of Kingston in Surrey in April 2004. Her wide-ranging book collections include a number...
Textual Features Flannery O'Connor
At Georgia CollegeFOC wrote, together with her friend Betty Boyd (later Love), pretty terrible poems which her biographer Brad Gooch calls stilted, although some were accepted for printing in an anthology, America Sings...
Textual Production Lilian Bowes Lyon
LBL 's work has been reprinted in The World Split Open, 1984, edited by Louise Bernikow ; it has been discussed by Margaret Willy (in Essays and Studies, 1952), and Anne Treneer (in...
Textual Production Iris Murdoch
IM gave the manuscript to her friend Brigid Brophy , who later sold it for £500, with her approval, to the University of Iowa . A film company began shooting the story in 1962, but...
Travel Bessie Head
BH left Africa for the first time, travelling to Iowa City to represent Botswana at the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa sponsored by the US State Department .
Eilersen, Gillian Stead. Bessie Head. Wits University Press.


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