Court of the Star Chamber


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Violence Margaret Hoby
From there it moved in November to the Court of the Star Chamber , where it was settled in Hoby's favour on 17 February 1602.
Hoby, Margaret. “Introduction and Editorial Materials”. The Private Life of an Elizabethan Lady: The Diary of Lady Margaret Hoby, 1599-1605, edited by Joanna Moody, Sutton, 1998, p. xv - lvii.


The Court of the Star Chamber heard a case in which Anne Gunter was accused of witchcraft, while other parties believed the accusation was wrongful.
3 November 1640
The Long Parliament was reluctantly convened in London by Charles I : it included a majority of Puritans, and set about reforms such as abolishing the Court of the Star Chamber , which, among other...
June 1643
The Long Parliament took a decisive step towards re-establishing government control over printing: a Licensing Order was enacted to take over the censorship function formerly exercised by the Court of the Star Chamber and relinquished...
23 November 1644
John Milton published Areopagitica, which has become one of his most famous prose tracts because of its subject-matter: a condemnation of censorship, or (stretching its original position slightly) even a defence of freedom of speech.