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Occupation Mary Stott
When Bill (later Sir William) Richardson , editor of the Co-operative Press, resigned in 1942, MS was passed over as his successor solely on account of her gender. Bill later told her she would have...
Reception Anna Wheeler
Letters by AW survive in the Archives Nationales in Paris and in the possession of the Co-operative Union at Manchester. After generations of neglect her writing has been discussed by Dolores Dooley in Equality...


15 April 1886
The first conference of the Women's Co-operative Guild was held at Hooper Square, Leman Street, London.
The Women's Co-operative Guild (WCG) held its first independent Congress at Leicester.
Sarah Reddish 's paper Right of Women to Membership was read at the Women's Co-operative Guild Annual Meeting at Burnley, as part of WCG campaign to allow women to hold personal memberships in the Co-operative Union .
October 1913
The Central Board of Co-operative Union refused to give the Women's Co-operative Guild its annual grant unless the Guild withdrew its support for divorce law reform.
June 1914
The Women's Co-operative Guild resolved to forfeit the £400 grant from the Co-operative Union rather than suspend the campaign for divorce law reform.
Between 1914 and 1918
During the First World War, the Workers' War Emergency Committee was formed to address wartime labour issues.
The Central Board of Co-operative Union once again withheld the annual £400 grant to the Women's Co-operative Guild .
August 1918
The Central Board of the Co-operative Union unconditionally restored its annual grant to the Women's Co-operative Guild .