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Textual Production Elizabeth Heyrick
Again she published for the Author,
Heyrick, Elizabeth. Exposition of One Principal Cause of the National Distress. Darton, Harvey and Darton.
through Darton, Harvey and Darton . This work is claimed for EH by the list of her writings held at LeicesterReference and Information Library , but...
Textual Production Elizabeth Heyrick
The fullest collections of EH 's published writings are held (and listed) at LeicesterReference and Information Library and at the University of Nottingham .
Corfield, Kenneth. “Elizabeth Heyrick: Radical Quaker”. Religion in the Lives of English Women, 1760-1930, edited by Gail Malmgreen, Indiana University Press, pp. 41-67.
Only a minority of them is held by the...
Textual Production Susanna Watts
She gave this book to Mary Ann Coltman , who donated it to her great-great-niece Clara Parkes .
Aucott, Shirley. Susanna Watts (1768 to 1842): author of Leicester’s first guide, abolitionist and bluestocking. Shirley Aucott.
2, 5
Now at the Record Office of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (formerly Leicester Reference and Information Library
Textual Production Susanna Watts
LeicesterCentral Library holds a collection of SW material including her scrapbook as well as published works, some not readily available elsewhere.


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