Ragged School Union


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Textual Features Catherine Marsh
After his death, Arthur's widow requested that CM should write a biography of her husband, which she agreed to do.
O’Rorke, Lucy. The Life and Friendships of Catherine Marsh. Longmans, Green & Co.
CM recounts his boyhood Sunday school attendance, and how the death of his mother...
Textual Features Charlotte Maria Tucker
This, one of her most lively and engaging children's books, features a main character named Ratto, who wanders through the world from London to Russia, eventually joining up with a rat-hero named Whiskerandos.
Textual Production Caroline Frances Cornwallis
This book came out of CFC 's long held sentiment that the current treatment of children needed to be corrected.
Cornwallis, Caroline Frances. Selections from the Letters of Caroline Frances Cornwallis. Editor Power, M. C., Trübner and Co.
202, 204-5
The Ragged School Union had been founded in 1844 to promote education for...


1844: The Ragged School Union was founded and began...

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The Ragged School Union was founded and began opening schools in the slums of great cities.

By 1865: The Ragged School Union operated more than...

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By 1865

The Ragged School Union operated more than 600 schools, and had educated more than 250,000 children since its founding in 1844.


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