Edith Mary Moore

EMM , early twentieth-century novelist, also published, years after the virtual end of her career in fiction, non-fictional works including a long essay or brief treatise on the relations between women and men. Her novels take up issues of modern urbanism, inequity, sex roles, reform, and idealism. Well-thought-of by reviewers although apparently never doing well in sales, her works are now rare, and have been totally forgotten since her death.


16 September 1871
Edith Mary Croucher (later EMM ) was born, probably in Edmonton in North London, where her birth was registered.
Moore, Sarah Elizabeth. Emails to Orlando about Edith Mary Moore.
By mid-January 1909
EMM began her career by issuing through Cassell and Co. a novel which sold for six shillings: The Lure of Eve (with a coloured frontispiece/dustjacker by J. E. Sutcliffe ).
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(14 January 1909): 11
By mid April 1917
EMM made yet another change of publisher when she issued her extraordinary novel Teddy R. N. D. through Hodder and Stoughton , priced at five shillings.
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(12 April 1917): 175
By early March 1935
EMM , calling herself by only part of her name, Mary Moore, appears to have published The Defeat of Woman, an 87-page non-fictional treatise on women and society.
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26 January 1949
EMM died at Hove near Brighton in Sussex.
Moore, Sarah Elizabeth. Emails to Orlando about Edith Mary Moore.


Two of her first three novels are listed by OCLC WorldCat as by Edith Mary Croucher Moore, though the title-page omits Croucher.

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