John Disney

Standard Name: Disney, John


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Dedications Mary Hays
The publisher was Knott . The title-page quotes Socrates and Burns . The work is dedicated to the Rev. John Disney . MH 's sister, Eliza or Elizabeth, contributed two Moral Essays.
Hays, Mary. Letters and Essays, Moral and Miscellaneous. T. Knott, 1793.
Feminist Companion Archive.
Mary Wollstonecraft
Friends, Associates Mary Hays
Among her early mentors MH numbered Robert Robinson , William Frend (whose friendship she owed to her first book publication), and George Dyer .
Kelly, Gary. Women, Writing, and Revolution 1790-1827. Clarendon, 1993.
Robinson introduced her to Joseph Priestley and John Disney ...
Friends, Associates Ann Jebb
She retained close relationships after her husband's death with the friends they had made together: Thomas Brand Hollis , John Disney , Capel Lofft , James Lambert , Henry Constantine Jennings , John Cartwright ...
Literary responses Ann Jebb
Disney observed that AJ 's arguments were pointed, and were felt as such by Powell.
Jebb, John. “Memoirs”. The Works, Theological, Medical, Political, and Miscellaneous, of John Jebb, M.D. F.R.S., edited by John Disney, T. Cadell, J. Johnson, and J. Stockdale; J. and J. Merrill, 1787, pp. 1: 1 - 227.
Judging that his readers might suppose him biased if her praised the significance of her contribution, he quoted...
Textual Features Ann Jebb
Two days after the Tory Duke of Portland became Prime Minister, AJ wrote to John Disney , The Times of today begins to be afraid of peace: still I cry nothing but peace can save...
Textual Production Ann Jebb
A Letter to the Author of the Proposal for the Establishment of Public Examinations is generally named as AJ 's earliest, anonymous tract. But John Disney names the first as A Letter to the Author...
Textual Production Ann Jebb
Before William Paley published The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy, 1785, AJ wrote some material for him to read about her views of falsehood as the root of all evil.
Meadley, George William. “Memoir of Mrs. Jebb”. The Monthly Repository, pp. 597 - 604, 661.
She helped...


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