Cecil Frances Alexander

Standard Name: Alexander, Cecil Frances
Birth Name: Cecil Frances Humphreys
Married Name: Cecil Frances Alexander
Pseudonym: C. F. A.
Nickname: Fanny
Used Form: Mrs C. F. Alexander
Used Form: C. F. H.
Used Form: the author of Hymns for Little Children
Used Form: the author of The Lord of the Forest and His Vassals
CFA wrote both hymns and verse, the latter also usually adaptable for music. Her work was mainly directed towards young audiences, as she excelled
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at writing for children.
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Over the course of her career in the second half of the nineteenth century, she wrote at least four hundred poems and hymns. Many of these, including All Things Bright and Beautiful, are still sung in the Anglican Church and related traditions today.
Julian, John, editor. A Dictionary of Hymnology. Dover Publications, 1957.
Black and white photograph of Cecil Frances Alexander, seated at a desk. There are writing supplies on the desk and she clasps a book on her lap with one hand. The other elbow rests on the desk, with that hand to the side of her head.
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In the same year, 1902, EH collaborated with Cecil Frances Humphreys (later Cecil Alexander) and James Clarence Mangan in metrical renderings of the traditional text St Patrick's Breastplate, with a prose translation by Whitley Stokes.
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