Tony Blair

Standard Name: Blair, Tony


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Literary responses Carol Ann Duffy
CAD was deemed to be a top candidate to fill the position of Poet Laureate (left vacant by the death of Ted Hughes ). She was considered the popular choice, but the appointment went to...
Literary Setting Kate Clanchy
Protest is an unusual and interesting exercise in collaboration. Fiction writers were invited to pick an incident of resistance against authority as backdrop for a story which was then paired with analysis of the incident...
politics Antonia Fraser
In December 1978 AF voted Conservative, knowing little about Margaret Thatcher but excited by the idea of a woman becoming Prime Minister for the first time. She later regretted it. In the 1980s she and...
politics Sue Townsend
ST was a Labour Party supporter, and a radical who took her daughter to visit the women's peace camp at Greenham Common and filled her house with flying-picket miners who needed a place to stay...
Reception Gillian Slovo
GS was surprised by the impact of her own work. Prime Minister Tony Blair was publicly asked if he was going to see it. She felt that she and Brittain made a contribution to the...
Textual Features Fleur Adcock
This volume reprints everything from Selected Poems and from Adcock's later volumes. The new poems at the end include some for anthologies and some written for two poetry projects, both in 1999. The contents include...
Textual Features Bernardine Evaristo
A few hours from Shanghai, the Misty Mountain Heritage Complex has (since The Great Expansion in which the Republic asserted control over various western countries) exhibited the history and cultural life of those countries...
Textual Features Maggie Gee
A flood is expected and individual capability for weathering it depends, of course, on personal income-level. This book gathers together characters from each of MG 's earlier novels to embark in the Ark that promises...
Textual Production Rosalind Coward
Her weekly Guardian column Looking after Mother followed the life of her aged parent, treating with a mixture of the biting and the humorous such experiences as all too frequent medical appointments at which it...


November 1959
At the Labour Party conference in the wake of Conservative electoral victory, leader Hugh Gaitskell proposed repealing Clause 4 of the party's constitution, the clause that set the goal of common ownership of the means...
15 January 1997
During a visit to Angola, Princess Diana caused a minor political scandal at home by calling for an international ban on landmines, a position seen as out of step with current British government policy.
1 May 1997
In the general election Labour , under its new leader, the young Scotsman Tony Blair , at last dislodged the Conservative Party from government.
7 June 2001
In the general election the Labour Party under Tony Blair lost only a tiny fraction of its huge majority.
19 March 2003
The USA, with Britain as its ally, invaded Iraq with the intention of effecting regime change: ousting Saddam Hussein from power. This began the second Gulf War.
May 2003
Valerie Amos became Britain's first black woman Cabinet minister, following the resignation from Tony Blair 's Labour Cabinet of Clare Short .
5 May 2005
A British general election returned the Labour Party under Tony Blair to power with a majority reduced since 2001 but still substantial.
27 June 2007
Gordon Brown succeeded Tony Blair as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after an unprecedented period in the role of Prime-Minister-elect as well as Chancellor of the Exchequeur.