Saddam Hussein

Standard Name: Hussein, Saddam


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The Al-Rawi family, says Bisher's brother Wahab, had fled to Britain from Saddam Hussein 's Iraq, where their father had suffered imprisonment and torture. None of us ever asked for asylum. We were very well...


August 1990: Saddam Hussein, ruler of Iraq, invaded neighbouring...

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August 1990

Saddam Hussein , ruler of Iraq, invaded neighbouring Kuwait.

January-February 1991: The US and a large coalition of allies launched...

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January-February 1991

The US and a large coalition of allies launched the first Gulf War against Iraq (whose ruler, Saddam Hussein , had invated Kuwait in August 1990).

19 March 2003: The USA, with Britain as its ally, invaded...

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19 March 2003

The USA, with Britain as its ally, invaded Iraq with the intention of effecting regime change: ousting Saddam Hussein from power. This began the second Gulf War.


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