Gordon Brown

Standard Name: Brown, Gordon


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Other Life Event Sylvia Pankhurst
The Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee , supported by Labour Party politicians Tony Benn , Margaret Beckett , and Gordon Brown , lobbied for a statue of SP to be chosen to fill the vacant plinth in Trafalgar Square.
“Pass Notes”. The Guardian, p. 3.
politics Emma Tennant
As a lifelong Labour voter, ET said she found the new tax (introduced by Gordon Brown 's Labour government) extremely irritating.
Smith, David. “How Gordon got Emma to the altar . . . 33 years late”. theguardian.com.


27 June 2007: Gordon Brown succeeded Tony Blair as Prime...

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27 June 2007

Gordon Brown succeeded Tony Blair as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after an unprecedented period in the role of Prime-Minister-elect as well as Chancellor of the Exchequeur.

6-11 May 2010: A British general election returned inconclusive...

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6-11 May 2010

A British general election returned inconclusive results and led to days of negotiations among party leaders attempting to form a viable government.


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Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, and Gordon Brown. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Guardian News and Media, 2007.